DIY Split End Repair

So I know there are a million and one DIY hair remedies out there, so I apologize for adding yet another one to the blogoshere. I have read several times that olive oil is great for skin and hair so I decided to try it myself. I can honestly say that my hair looks healthier, feels amazing, and has almost no split ends after using this treatment. Ek! I’m starting to sound like an infomercial. But this treatment is perfect to use when you are trying to grow your hair out, like I am.

WARNING: Your hair will look REALLY oily (haha obviously) before you shower so I strongly suggest you only do this on nights where you plan on getting up and showering the next morning. If not you will look beyond gross. Also you don’t want to overdo this treatment, because your hair will start to look oily continuously. Oil repels water, so you don’t want it to get to the point that a good shower can’t clean your hair. I do this about once a week, or whenever I think my hair needs it, just to keep my hair thoroughly moisturized.


First you need olive oil. I only had Extra Light in my kitchen cabinet, which isn’t really the best, but it’ll do. Normally you would use olive oil with the normal fat content. The fat that you don’t really like to consume is what plumps up your hair and makes it so soft. In this case FAT IS A GOOD THING.

Nevertheless, I use my extra light olive oil anyway.

I get just a little in the palm of my hand and smooth it through my dry hair. I combed it through the ends as well to make sure every strand got some oil. You mainly only want to concentrate the oil on the ends of your hair and not your scalp, since it already has a lot of natural skin oils.


Then I twist my hair and secure it in a bun on top of my head with a hair tie. Put the bun high enough that you can sleep comfortably and it’s not in your way. Now you just sleep on it! Easy easy easy!


The next morning wash and style your hair like you typically would. In these pictures I just dried my hair with a hair drier but didn’t straighten it so you can see my hairs natural texture.


Get ready to love your hair! I literally couldn’t stop touching it all day. Like I said, I only do this once a week. You don’t want to overdo it. But literally this is the easiest and cheapest remedy for your hair. Since you use such a small amount, a bottle of olive oil can last FOREVER! Of course you can add other healthy things mixed in to do different treatments, but if you are lazy like me, the olive oil alone is still great. Try it out!

What other hair remedies have you found that actually work?



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